Actual life-size images,
on any display,
on any site or mobile

Increase sales and reduce uncertainty for your shoppers, with the biggest innovation in imaging since zoom.

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Benefits of Adding LifeSizer to Your Site

Increase Sales

Increase conversions by reducing uncertainty for your customers. Better informed customers are more confident and likely to convert in to buyers.

Risk-Free ROI

Begin to immediately see a return on your investment. Increased revenues, lower expenses, and only pay for what you use.

Differentiate Your Site

Provide your customers with a better shopping experience. Increase engagement and provide your customers with an experience that is as close to seeing it in person.

Happier Customers

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing negative surprises when size expectations aren’t met. Reduce the expense of returned products due to wrong size or unmet expectations.

What People Are Saying

“very cool technology”, “COOL functionality. People dig it, they get it, they want to click on it.”

“We’re happy to be working with LifeSizer to solve a real problem for our customers. We’ve always heard questions about the size of our products and now shoppers can see the exact size as if they were looking at the item in person. LifeSizer’s technology was simple to integrate and customers that use it convert at a higher rate.”

“I *love* that you figure out the real sizing!” customer

“90% of the customer service complaints that we get on [a large ecommerce market place] are because the product is a different size than anticipated – I think return rates are similar”, an online jewelry retailer

“I think it’s an excellent tool!”,

How it Works

What you do

You can have life size images on your site in minutes.

  1. Simply copy/paste our JavaScript code snippet on your site (it’s as easy as installing Google Analytics).
  2. Measure your product images using our simple web-based tool.

Now you have actual life size images on your site!

What your customers see

Your customers just click a link to view the product in life size with LifeSizer.

If their screen is already calibrated, the picture will display in LifeSizer, otherwise they are prompted to calibrate their screen.

They’ll only need to calibrate once, and if they’re on an iPhone or iPad, no calibration is needed…it’s done automatically.