What is LifeSizer?

LifeSizer’s patent-pending technology allows sites to display products in actual life size in any browser or on mobile devices. LifeSizer was founded in 2011 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Check out these cool glasses from UncommonGoods. They are 4 inches tall…does that mean they are normal sized drinking glasses or smaller juice glasses? Click the image to see them in actual life size and see for yourself.

What does it do?

LifeSizer helps in two easy ways:

  1. For website visitors: LifeSizer determines how large your screen/monitor is so that you can see how large or small an object actually is.  No more guessing whether those earrings are too big!
  2. For websites or ecommerce sites: LifeSizer helps you easily configure your web and product images so that your customers can see them in actual life size.  No more returns from customers expecting a different sized product!

Who uses LifeSizer?

LifeSizer is perfect for ecommerce sites, gadget blogs, fashion sites, or just about any site that is displaying images of real life products…regardless of the size!

The Team

We’re a small team of web and e-commerce enthusiasts working hard to make the web more lifelike.

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