LifeSizer Brings Immediate Benefits





Increase conversions by reducing uncertainty for shoppers.

It’s proven that customers are more likely to buy online when they have the information they need to make a purchase decision. Providing life-size images removes friction from the online shopping experience since customers no longer have to take a “leap of faith” that the product is actually what they suspect. Your customers will no longer need to guess at what the actual size is. Here are just a few of the doubts that life-size images will remove for your customers:

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing negative surprises when size expectations aren’t met.

A quick scan of customer comments on most ecommerce sites will reveal that often times, a significant portion of the complaints are due to customers that thought the item would be bigger or smaller than what they actually received. Here’s just one example of a unsatisfied customer voicing their disappointment on Epinions due to size:

“I must say that when I got the ring and the earrings I was disapointed because of its size. There is nothing in your page that shows how your purchase will look in real life, its real size!. Frankly, if I had knew how small it will look, I would have increase the earring size from .3 to .5.”


Reduce returned product due to wrong size or unmet expectations.

Think of how many of your returned product is due to size. Actual size images will give your customers a better idea of what size the object is and thus reduce the percentage of product returns. For example, one online jeweler estimated that 90% of the returns they get are due to size.

Provide a differentiated and more engaging shopping experience.

Even if your customers are familiar with physical dimension specifications, there is still a lot you can do with LifeSizer to improve their shopping experience. As a simple example, you can add a ring sizer to your site, so that your customers can figure out the exact ring size they need to order. Same can hold true for shoes, replacement parts, etc.

Leverage the state of the art in imaging technology

It’s amazing to say after more than 15 years of the web, but unfortunately, showing a coin or ruler next to an item has been the “state of the art” for communicating size and scale in images on the web. More recently, sites have been adding pictures of models or mannequins wearing earrings, for example. This is definitely better than nothing, however, people come in different sizes too. LifeSizer takes your site to a different level completely and provides a modern, informative, and enjoyable shopping experience.

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