Size Does Matter: LifeSizer Solves An Age Old Problem, Websites Can Finally Display Actual Size Product Images

June 5, 2012

For the first time ever, online sites can show web surfers and shoppers the actual size of a product online. This simple, innovative technology solves a real problem for shoppers and provides a critical service to e-retailers and other sites that heavily rely on product images for profit or display.

San Francisco, CA – announced its public beta launch and now e-Retailers, product review sites, and other sites featuring product images can easily display actual life size images. With its patent-pending web-based technology, website visitors can now see the actual size of a product on their computer or mobile device.

LifeSizer was born from the frustrations of shopping for online jewelry when founder and veteran software engineer Peter Hulst purchased some earrings for his wife. “Even though the site provided the dimensions, I couldn’t get a good sense for how big or small the earrings actually were and it wasn’t clear to me how they would actually look. Once I received them, they were larger than I expected and too large for my wife’s taste, so I had to return them. I figured this couldn’t be an isolated incident and that many consumers shopping for all sorts of other products and industries face the same challenge. I knew there had to be a better way”, said Peter Hulst, CEO and Founder of LifeSizer.

Since the very first product image was uploaded, websites have been unable to offer consumers the actual size of their online product images. The problem stems from the way browsers, operating systems, digital images, and display devices work. Websites cannot detect the physical dimensions of their site visitors’ screen, making it impossible to show images at their actual size. LifeSizer solves this problem using a new and patent-pending method to determine the screen dimensions and thus allowing any site to provide actual life size images to its visitors.

The benefits of actual size images are numerous; they reduce uncertainty for shoppers, create a more engaging shopping and browsing experience, decrease returned items and dissatisfied customers, and ultimately can drive increased sales and profits for ecommerce sites. Consumers no longer have to take a leap of faith when buying a product online. And, at the dawn of an explosion of image-centric sites such as Pinterest, Gilt, MyHabit, its technology satisfies consumer cravings for engaging visually driven experiences.

“We’re happy to be working with LifeSizer to solve a real problem for our customers. We’ve always heard questions about the size of our products and now shoppers can see the exact size as if they were looking at the item in person. LifeSizer’s technology was simple to integrate and customers that use it convert at a higher rate” said David Bolotsky, CEO and Founder of UncommonGoods, an online retailer offering creative, sustainably designed products.

LifeSizer’s launch brings much needed innovation to the product imaging space. Product images are of critical importance to consumers who still struggle with the unknown. Despite all the advances in the product imaging space, none have addressed the issue of actual product size. Lifesizer provides the solution.

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About LifeSizer
LifeSizer’s patent-pending technology allows sites to display products in actual life size in any browser or on mobile devices. LifeSizer was founded in 2011 by Peter Hulst and Grant Olsen and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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