My customers already have a good idea for the size of the objects on my site. Do I still need this?

If you’re shopping for a ring online, would you want to see pictures of it? Even though you probably have a pretty good idea of what a ring looks like, I’m sure you’d benefit from seeing pictures. Same holds true for size. You would think that shoppers would be pretty familiar with the size of a ring since, in general, you can kind of guess at how large or small it really is from the pictures. However, up to 90% of customer complaints for online jewelers can be from the jewelry not meeting the customers’ size expectations.

Even if your customers are familiar with physical dimension specifications, there is still a lot you can do with LifeSizer to improve their shopping experience. As a simple example, you can add a ring sizer to your site, so that your customers can figure out the exact ring size they need to order. Same can hold true for shoes, replacement parts, etc. Bottom-line: allowing your shoppers to view the items in life size, reduces uncertainty and makes it more likely they will become customers.

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