The challenge for eCommerce sites today:

Increase your site’s sales and have happier customers

Think your customers already know how big or small an item is and wondering why you need to show your products in actual life-size if you already provide dimension data? To us, it’s like asking: “I already have a product description, why do I need an image?”.

Actual life-size product images:

LifeSizer is the best (and only) way to bring actual life-size images to your site…and:

What eCommerce sites are saying about LifeSizer

  • “very cool technology”, “COOL functionality. People dig it, they get it, they want to click on it.”
  • “I *love* that you figure out the real sizing!” customer
  • “90% of the customer service complaints that we get on [a large ecommerce market place] are because the product is a different size than anticipated – I think return rates are similar”, an online jewelry retailer