Calibrating Images: What’s Involved

For LifeSizer to work, we need to know the physical dimension of an object (or a particular element of an object) within an image so that we can calculate the pixels per actual life size inch. This data is sent to our servers where we use it in conjunction with the digital resolution data inherent in all digital pictures (e.g., 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall) to then calculate the pixels per actual life size inch for that image.

Options for Calibrating Your Products for LifeSizer

Whether you have one image, thousands of images, or even hundreds of thousands, LifeSizer has a solution to help you calibrate your existing catalogue and new products and images. There are several options, ranging from manually measuring each image one at a time on, to fully automated and integrated into your workflow, and some options in between.

Calibrate on (super easy, no coding required)

Bookmarklet (super easy, some customization required)

Back-end Integration (Easy, some coding required)